Smart 50 Awards Recognize Las Vegas’ Traffic Improvement Efforts

LAS VEGAS, NV – The city of Las Vegas was recognized during the 2018 Smart 50 Awards on Monday night in Kansas City. Las Vegas was recognized for efforts the city has made to better understand data related to pedestrian and vehicle traffic at various places around the city.

In the Mobility Awards, Las Vegas was awarded for using video analytics to create smarter streets. The city implemented Hitachi smart cameras and other analytical technology that can produce up to the minute data that can be analyzed. The cameras collect and transmit data related to available parking lot spaces; pedestrian, vehicle, and bicycle traffic; and traffic activity in any given area during a certain time.

Las Vegas was recognized for this initiative because "this solution makes sense of the vast amounts of data collected on a minute-by-minute basis, allowing the city to address the various social, educational, economic, safety, and mobility issues it is increasingly facing, while communicating and displaying the data in a way that is practical and understandable," a description of the award said.

The city was also recognized for its commitment to Vision Zero Project, a nationwide effort to reduce traffic deaths. The city has installed sensors at intersections in the Innovation District to track where pedestrians most frequently jaywalk, and where the installation of barriers could reduce the amount of jaywalkers.

Finally, the city also received recognition for the nation’s first self-driving shuttle that first debuted in Downtown Las Vegas in January 2017.

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