Asian Real Estate Association of America Releases 2017-18 State of Asia America Report

Las Vegas will host AREAA’s national convention, marking its 15th anniversary, October 18-20th. Las Vegas, and Nevada as a whole, represent a microcosm of what is happening in the AAPI community across the nation. Between 2000 and 2012, Nevada saw a 122.55% increase in AAPI population, the largest in the nation. Nearly 30% of Nevada’s foreign-born population is from Asia, with the Philippines being the most common Asian country of origin at 14.1% of all foreign-born residents. AAPI also have the highest median household income in Nevada at $60,800.

Report highlights: AAPI homeownership is at its highest level recorded at 58.2%; AAPI purchasing power has topped $1 Trillion; the South experienced the greatest percentage growth in AAPI population since 2000; AAPI-owned businesses increased by 24% between 2007-2012, outpacing the US total firm growth of just 3%; and AAPI have a higher median household income than the general population in every region of the country. New sections in this year’s report include AAPI Women and Canada.

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The Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), established in 2003, is a national business trade organization focused on expanding housing opportunities for Asian American communities and creating business opportunities for real estate business leaders who serve this growing market. With over 17,000 members in 39 chapters across North America, AREAA is the largest real estate trade association dedicated to promoting homeownership in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.


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